Monday, November 14, 2011

The Transferable Treasure

I am told to ask, so I do.

It is early, and I am willing--just barely--and I ask, knowing there will be an answer.  But at this point, I'm not sure if I am ready to hear any more.

"Storing up treasures in heaven.  What does this look like?  Really?  What does this mean?  What do you want us to do?"

I hear.  But it makes no sense.

That's how I know.  These aren't my thoughts, borne from my brain.  These belong to Another.


That's it.  That's the answer.  Not the answer to everything, mind you.  But the answer to this question.  This storing up treasures question.

Not tithing more?  Not doing more?  Being more?

I am confused, but I know to wait.  I know, by now, how this works.  I just hold it loosely, keep it there floating around.  Soon the wrestling begins, as it always does.  The wrestling to take the word that's heard and bring it to life in my mind and my heart so that it makes sense, sinks in, rings true.

All day, I wonder: Worship?  Really?  That's the treasure that is transferable?

It strikes a chord.  I have been learning, thinking, mulling, these last few months.  Worship isn't a synonym for singing.  It does not always happen with a band, or a leader, or with others.

Certainly, it can.  It does.

But worship is so much more than that.


That is worship.  It's when my actions sing agreement with Him.  When their song mimics His tune, showing that I want what He wants.  Showing that I will follow, not lead.


That is worship.  Welcome worship around here.  When my body and soul lie still, knowing there is refuge from the storms.  Knowing that the worrying can cease because of the One who is standing guard.


That is worship.  That is recognizing Him for who he is.  For seeing how great, how long, how wide He is, and knowing--happily--that I will never measure up, and that I'm not expected to.


That is worship.  It is knowing that I am given good things to do, important things to do, a purpose.  And that I can make a difference in this world in a very real way because He has made me to do that.

Everything, really, can be worship.  It's not about what's going on.  It's about how it's going.

Worship is simply this: acknowledging Him as the starting point, middle point, ending point....for everything.

Worship makes me take myself off of the throne, and it allows Him to reign unchallenged.

Worship is not a moment.  Not an event.  Not a part of a service or of a life or of a religion.

Worship is the point.

Worship is the treasure.  On earth as it is in heaven.  The transferable treasure.

The one, which, if we store it up here, will be there waiting for us.  It will make us rich.  In heaven, for sure.

But here?

It might make us rich here, too.

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